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Lars Bjørnshauge elected to the OASPA Board

We are delighted to announce that Lars Bjørnshauge, one of our founding Directors, has been elected to the OASPA Board. It is fitting recognition for the important work that Lars has done for the open access community, not only through the DOAJ, but through his involvement with other academic and library organisations as well.

Lars founded the DOAJ in 2003, with the support and assistance of Lund University and SPARC. 10 years later, DOAJ is still at the heart of the open access community. Lars said: “I am very happy to elected to the OASPA board. I believe this shows a good appreciation of the work that I and the DOAJ team are doing for open access publishing. I am very much looking forward to working with the OASPA group of committed open access publishers.”

Congratulations Lars!

Lars Bjørnshauge’s presentation at the OASPA conference, Riga 2013

Yesterday, at the OASPA 2013 conference in Riga, Lars presented an overview and an update of DOAJ and its progress to date. His talk also gave details on the work that DOAJ has committed to undertake for the rest of 2103.

His slides are now available on DOAJ’s slideshare account:

DOAJ announces new team

Today, DOAJ announced on its web site that it has a new team, responsible for taking DOAJ forward from January 2013, under the leadership of Lars Bjørnshauge:

Lars Bjørnshauge – Managing Director
Lars was Director of Libraries at Lund University from 2001 to 2011 and founded the DOAJ in 2003. He became Managing Editor of DOAJ in January 2013. He has vast experience in: change management; the re-engineering of academic libraries; the development of information services for research & higher education. He has been a strong advocat of open access and for providing services to the open access movement (open access to research publications). He is co-founder of OpenDOAR and the Directory of Open Access Books. Since 2011, he is the Director of SPARC Europe.

Rikard Brage – Editor
Rikard has a Bachelor of Arts degree with a Major in Cultural Sciences and a specialization in publishing.

Sonja Brage – Editor
Sonja Brage is a former Information Librarian from Lund University Library. She has a B.A. in English, Bulgarian and Russian from Lund University. She is now reviewing journals, primarily in the Slavonic languages and in Italian.

Lotte Jørgensen – Managing Editor
Lotte has during the last 19 years worked as librarian, information consultant, project coordinator and consortia administrator. The positions has been held at The Technical University of Denmark, Swets, Lund University Libraries and The Danish Agency for Culture. Lotte was the DOAJ project coordinator 2004-2008.The common denominator through all positions has been academic journals and scientific publishing.

Dominic (Dom) Mitchell – Community Manager
Dom has worked extensively with the publisher and librarian communities both as a publisher, with the BMJ Publishing Group (UK), and at HighWire Press – Stanford University (USA) where he was an account and project manager. Dom is responsible for collaboration with DOAJ’s publishers.

Salam Baker Shanawa – IT Development Manager
Salam, Director of SemperTool, was in charge of the development and maintenance of DOAJ from 2004-2011. Salam has a vast knowledge of academic libraries and a long experience in creating and integrating digital library products and systems. SemperTool offers a range of reliable and cost-effective software solutions for digital libraries, and serves more than 100 universities in Europe, Africa and the Middle East. SemperTool is also developing and maintaining the Directory of Open Access Books.