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New agreement regarding management of the DOAJ

PRESS RELEASE Mutual communication from Lund University Libraries and IS4OA to the public

doaj logolund university logoLund University Libraries and Infrastructure Services for Open Access C.I.C. (IS4OA – a UK-registered CommunityInterest Company) jointly announce important changes regarding the future operations and development of the DOAJ.

The DOAJ was initiated at Lund University, Library Head Office in May 2003. Initially the service was based on project grants but over the years the major share of support was generated from income from the membership programme. Having launched with a list of 300 journals, the DOAJ is now the leading source of Open Access journals, and this month lists more than 8300 journals in all subject areas, published in more than 100 countries in over 50 languages.

In response to the growth that the service has experienced in combination with increased demands for further developments,  Lund University concluded during 2012 that a new community-based solution for operating and developing the DOAJ had become timely. Following a series of discussions, the University concluded an agreement with Infrastructure Services for Open Access, C.I.C. (IS4OA) according to which the newly formed organisation will manage the trademark as well as assume operations and development of the Directory of Open Access Journals. Further plans will be announced shortly.

IS4OA was founded by Dr. Alma Swan (convener of EOS, co-founder and co-owner of Key Perspectives Ltd. and Director SPARC Europe ) and Dr. Caroline Sutton (co-founder Co-Action Publishing  and President of OASPA ).

Both parties are confident that this transition will ensure that the scholarly community of the future will continue to benefit from a resource that has proven very important for the ongoing changes in the scholarly communication system.

Jette Guldborg Petersen, Director of Libraries, Lund University
Caroline Sutton, Director, IS4OA

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