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About IS4OA

Infrastructure Services for Open Access C.I.C. (is4oa) is a Community Interest Company based in the United Kingdom with a branch registered in Denmark.

Community Interest Statement

We declare that the company will carry out its activities for the benefit of the community.

The company’s activities will provide benefit to the global community of users of openly accessible research publications and data.
Researchers, students in higher education, independent researchers, the education community, industry, innovative companies, small- and medium-sized (SME) companies, professionals, practitioners, civil servants and the general public are potential users of research results. Wide and open distribution and dissemination of knowledge will benefit society worldwide.

During the recent decade research results (publications) have increasingly been published in journals using an Open Access model which is different to the existing dominant model based on subscriptions (reader pays). However Open Access publications are not always easy to discover and locate.

The activities of our company will facilitate easy access to Open Access resources by providing a free-to-use discovery service for all users and a means to enable libraries to integrate Open Access publications in their services (library catalogues, web-portals etc.)

Founded by Dr. Alma Swan and Dr. Caroline Sutton.

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